Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adventures in Agriculture

I live in San Francisco.  I am surrounded by cement on a daily basis.  This clashes greatly with my desire to eat food that was grown locally, is in season and is (hopefully) organic.  I grew up very lucky in that my mother made sure the produce we were eating was as fresh as possible.

I started looking into community gardens, but was saddend to discover most of the fruits and veggies I want to eat will not grow in this part of my fair city.  Stupid fog...

Some of my friends have had very good experiences with CSA boxes (community supported agriculture) that are delivered to their doors.  I looked into it, and most were too pricey for my budget.  However I managed to find one that I liked and signed up. Specifically this one.  I'm also pleased to find we can exclude things we know we are not going to eat, like mushrooms.

So far we have received two boxes chock full of organic produce grown relatively locally and I am very pleased.  There have been stir-frys, salads, the best zucchini I have had in years, and really tasty fruits.  However I have gotten a couple of things I don't know what to do with.  Like Persimmons.  I don't really eat them, Xander doesn't really eat them, and neither of us want them to go to waste.  So I have been searching the internet for recipes for stuff like Bok Choy and Arugula.  I found this website, (Potentially NSFW, no nudity, but possibly inappropriate) and it cracks me up, while broadening my dinner repertoire.

I have made some tasty, tasty things, sorry there are no pictures, we ate before photography could happen.  :) If anyone has any recipes they recommend, comment or e-mail.

Note: I have not been compensated in any way by Farm Fresh to You, I'm just pleased with their service.


  1. No mushrooms? The SADDEST times! I have heard about those boxes. I think Sarah and Chris next door to you guys talked to me about getting one and splitting the cost.

    Also persimmons. Pretty to look at, not fun to eat!

  2. I'll save you from the evil mushrooms and eat them all!! Nom nom nom nom!

    We use baby bok choy all the time in stir fry; chop the big stuff to same size as the rest of your veggies. Arugula's a good topper for salad and all sorts of Italian--it's great on pizza!

  3. Rachel, I am intolerant of mushrooms, not a true allergy, but uncomfortable things happen when I eat them.