Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And in my spare time...

Good evening, today's lesson is... oh whoops, I was channeling Bullwinkle there for a second.  Herm, lets try that again.  Hello my gentle readers.  Life has been rather busy for me lately, leaving little time to craft, sew unpack and organize .  I have started my new job, and it is challenging to say the least.  I thought that theatre could get hectic, but it's a breeze compared with fast food.  Today I literally sat for a whole TEN MINUTES during my shift.  It was nuts.

Adding to this sense DOOOM was the fact that my parents were out of town all weekend in Ashland Oregon (which is lovely by the way, you should all go) and I was left to care for my brother, who is fifteen, and would walk out the door without his head were it not attached to his shoulders, but I digress.

I, being a fully capable adult, had no issue with making sure my brother did not burn the house down, but my schedule became much more hectic.  Teenagers who do not yet drive are a very demanding bunch.  Also without a source of income, as the state of California says he's still too young to hold a job (or is that a federal law, I am not sure) he needed someone (ie: me) with a credit card to make sure he could go see that movie with his friends.....Hurumph!

So I've been busy, which brings us to the actual subject of this post, shocking I know.  While in Ashland, my mother found me a lovely skein of yarn that is silk and lambswool and is just divine.  Only problem being that I don't really know what to do with it.  I was thinking glove-type armwarmer things, as it's quite a bit of yarn as well.

I think I may have to just sart knitting and see what comes off my needles in this lovely purple yarn.

P.S.  Did I mention it's a GORGEOUS shade of purple, one that is my favorite-ist of my favorite color?
I am excited.