Friday, June 25, 2010

Life or something like it

I have been SUPER busy lately.  I graduated college with a BA in Drama (Yay!!!!)  I made parts of a couple of costumes for me and my boyfriend for the Renaissance Faire in Lake Tahoe.  I attended said Renaissance Faire two weekends in a row, which was really taxing even if it was fun.  Sun, heat, heavy clothing and altitude are really hard on me so I came home exhausted.  Add to that the residual stress of the end of school and graduation, and the new stress of finding a job with a degree in theater and you get a very cranky Jessamy.
On top of all that, my boyfriend had some friends in town so I, as dutiful girlfriend, was helping him entertain them.
I have really not had time to craft or cook anything all that interesting, though last week I was able to make it to my parents' to relax a bit, hang out with the family and swim.  The movie I'm in is still filming, my heart goes out to the director for all the schedule changes that have had to be made at the last minute.
Two of my friends have had their babies, and I have already met one of the babies.  I'm so happy for all the parents who seem to be in awe of these new, tiny people.
My sewing machine is broken, my mom took it in to be fixed, and it came back working less than it was before.  Hurrumph!  So it's going back again.  In the meantime though, if I want to sew I have to use my roomate's machine, which is a little bit twitchier than mine.
I'm job hunting.  Does anyone know of any entry level office jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area?  I would appreciate any and all leads.  I can repay kindness with cookies or bread.

So that's my life right now, friends family and Futurama are getting me through it all. 

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  1. Congrats on your degree!!! That's awesome! And anyway, if your degree is in drama, you have every excuse to be moody...right? :)